An interdisciplinary art

At Modern Martial Arts NYC, we aim to promote self-control, respect, and honesty. Students in our program are here because their parents want something challenging, encouraging, and special for their child. The lessons learned on the mat are accomplishments your child will carry with them into adulthood. We are inspired each and every day by our wonderful students, and we hope that you consider joining our family.

Going beyond the grappling of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, we teach a mix of traditional martial arts and self defense. This interdisciplinary approach at a young age is the key advantage in forming a well-rounded martial artist and self-aware young adult. We keep our classes fun and engaging. Your child will develop balance, coordination, a healthy approach to fitness, and most importantly the confidence that comes from succeeding at an activity that they love!

A Program for Every Age

Tiny Champs (age 3 & 4)

Balance, coordination, and respectful listening are emphasized in this class alongside basic martial arts & safety lessons.

Little Champs (age 5 & 6)

Here we focus on learning self control, teamwork, and most of all having fun while staying safe!

Juniors Beg BJJ (age 7+)

Students begin to learn the fundamentals of jiu jitsu and use drills to help improve technique.

Juniors Adv BJJ (age 7+)

Here our advanced juniors begin to understand jiu jitsu as a whole instead of a part. We work on improving technical aspects and competition training.